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How to create a free Badoo account in Spanish quickly and easily? Step by step guide

How to create a free Badoo account in Spanish quickly and easily? Step by step guide

Badoo is a social network created in 2006 by the Russian Andrey Andreev . The company is based in Soho, London, although it is owned by a company in Cyprus. This is a social dating network whose main objective is to make new people known among its users. For its operation, it uses a rating system among the users themselves, very similar to the one used by Tinder .

To do this, use your location, age, tastes and sex , among other different filters that we will fill in as we complete our profile. 8 years after its launch, in the company announced that it had already reached 150 million users . In addition, it is one of the most sought after social networks on the internet. This platform has a “ freemium ” type service, so we can use it without any expense with certain limitations.

But once inside it, you have the option of being able to make a small income that will improve our user experience. This is a monthly subscription of around ten euros a month that will offer us advantages that the basic account does not offer us.

How to register a new account in Badoo step by step?

Badoo is a service that requires to be connected to the internet for its operation, so whenever we want to use it we will need an internet connection. We will access it through our smartphone from the official and free app available on both Android and IOS, in addition, its web version is also available to access from the computer ( badoo ). Now we tell you how to open a new account in Badoo easily and quickly .

Whether we want to belong to this social network via a computer or using our cell phone, you must know that it is a totally free process and therefore, if at any time you are asked to make a payment, you should know that you are being cheated, since the Badoo account creation process is 100% free . Lets see the steps to follow according to the access platform.

Register account from the web

1) Access the web: To register our new account on Badoo from our web browser, we only have to access the following URL: https:// badoo / Once in it we will start the registration process by filling in all the fields of the form.

2) Fill in the form: To open an account on this social network, we must first complete the form presented below with our personal data with:

  • Name and Surname
  • Date of birth (Minimum age 18 years)
  • City of residence
  • Sex (Male or female)
  • Email or mobile phone
  • Password (At least 5 characters)

3) Find known contacts: Next, a new window will open giving us the option to find other contacts that we have in our different email accounts , be it Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail or others , in order to be able to contact them through this social network.

Click on the email icon that you want to find the friends registered in Badoo, log in and it will automatically show you those contacts that are already using it, in order to send them a friend invitation and start with Good foot in your beginnings in Badoo. If you wish, you can skip this step by clicking on Skip .

4) Add your profile picture: In this step it is time to get your best smile, now we will have to select one or several photos to complete our user profile, you can upload them directly from your computer by clicking on “ Add photos from your computer ” or you can use those photos you have already uploaded to your accounts from Facebook, Google+ or Instagram , click on their icons, Select the photos you want to sync and voila. If you want to fill in this step later, click on I will upload the photos later » to continue with the account creation process, although later it is recommended to upload your best photos.

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