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Dice Mass media Partners having Tinder and you may PureMe Having ‘Firsts’ Year step three

Dice Mass media Partners having Tinder and you may PureMe Having ‘Firsts’ Year step three

Pushing the boundaries for innovation in storytelling, Pocket Aces, Indias leading digital media entertainment company is back with a new season of the hit Instagram series, ‘Firsts on Chop Mass media. Firsts Season 3, in association with Tinder and PureMe explores a same gender romantic relationship between two young girls, who match on Tinder and decide to onboard an exhilarating journey of understanding love, life, and more together. A heartwarming story that blossoms during the lockdown, this season is a tale of acceptance, and coming together to celebrate the beauty of love, which has no labels.

Firsts season 3 stars young talented actors Shreya Gupto, and Himika Bose, playing the role of the protagonists, who are both in their early twenties – Ritu Chatterjee and Lavanya Vijaya, respectively. Their first match on Tinder led to a whirlwind online romance, which saw them decide to move in together, after a mere month of knowing each other. Worlds collide when the carefree Lavanya, and the slightly uptight Ritu explore their many ‘firsts as a same gender couple. Being as different as chalk and cheese, their story is both entertaining, and relatable for couples across the board.

While doing so, over the last couple of months, you will find constantly forced the limitations with various performs dating, and this have recommended us to remain bringing out a great deal more for example quite happy with some other templates

With the increasing need for good grief the protection norm of putting on a great mask to cease new spread out of viruses, PureMes selection of a lot of time-don, linen masks try seamlessly woven into the various symptoms about collection. The partnership/organization is the to begin their kind consolidation to possess PureMe where the fresh names well worth proposal of being prominent yet , safer at the exact same time, featuring its message, ‘Be varied is significantly highlighted on the series; expanding brand name significance.

Attracting real-existence knowledge and you can existence truly lined up on the facts arch, new inform you are wondrously authored by Sulagna Chatterjee which, describes since a great queer that is led by extremely gifted Bharat Misra. During the period of brand new 20 one to-minute episodes, Firsts 12 months 3 showcases just how lovers on queer community manage having, and you can navigate being in a live-for the relationships during the a typically heterosexual people.

Posting comments into the partnership Arti Yadav, Co-Inventor, PureMe told you, “Being the basic actually ever electronic union, we noticed it had been best chance to besides showcase the set of pretty and classy goggles, also strengthen its advantages. We had been also pulled on the breathtaking message off like, and breaking stereotypes, that is just what ‘Be varied is about. Having said that, we think extremely happy to have begun so it excursion which have Chop Mass media and look forward to far more such as for instance mutually rewarding partnerships.”

Using their very first confession, and basic current, towards the basic fight, and you may very first feelings regarding suspicion, new tell you catches the latest sensitivities from an effective newfound matchmaking, specifically those types of breaking stereotypes from inside the area

Placing comments to the release, Kunal Langer, AVP Buyer Order Increases, Wallet Aces, told you, “Firsts as the a home is an incredibly unique and you will a troublesome style to have facts telling that people on Pocket Aces introduced earlier this season. To date using the 3 12 months, labels have indicated tremendous need for the fresh new format once the layout is completely new and extremely relatable in nature. Inside Year 3, i have decided to accept an interest something that stuff creators have shied out-of, and get attempted to normalise the newest talks to queer relationship; featuring the modern-date love story anywhere between a couple of people. Amidst these types of unprecedented minutes, i’ve tried to incorporate in the manner dating and you may intimate relationships try converting in addition to only goal trailing this present year is actually extremely distinctive from the predecessors. I am exhilarated to have people like Tinder and you will PureMe because it draw in their unique identities which expected the perfect fit for it 12 months layout.”

Firsts Season 1 and you will dos touched so many hearts with its lockdown specials and you may received a fantastic effect in the listeners touching more than so many viewpoints. Catch the latest new you to definitely-moment episodes from Firsts S3 to your Dice Medias Instagram page.

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